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In recent years the landscape of social media has changed. What began as a meeting ground for people has turned into a place that is unwelcoming for most.
We believe that is true for
Our goal is to provide information outside of the controlled social platforms. If you want to end low back pain, or any kind of physical pain you should not be bound to the terms and conditions of a website. does not require you to agree to any terms or conditions. All we ask is that you read and enjoy the content. After your read, should you like to, you are welcome to copy the URL link and text or email it to your friends. Likewise, you can share information on your own social media feed however will no longer maintain a social media presence.
Additionally we believe social media is an actual contributor to physical pain in many ways. These pain patterns are just becoming evident as phone, tablet and computer time are increasing. Here we will discuss why.

Attention Span

This is not a mystery. Attention span of the average person has diminished to 15-30 seconds because of the way social media operates. This is intentional programmer design. In fact it is easy to find the inventors of social media admitting coding this in. Designing the software to keep you online for longer using shorter “clips” distorts your perception of time. Although it sounds genius this method is not new. Pointing out the not so obvious problem is with a short attention span you may expect your back pain to be gone in 15-30 seconds. Soft tissue thankfully doesn’t respond that quickly which is why you have been able to get away hanging over your phone for so long.

Social Media and Beer Consumption

This same philosophy has been used by professional bartenders for generations. Beer makers too. The pint glass is a traditional way to pour a beer from a tap. However this is not the case for bottled beer. Historically bottled beer would be poured into a much smaller glass. There are multiple reasons for this. For this study it is proven. You will consume more beer from a smaller glass.

But why?

Because the amount of beer in the glass is smaller the human brain thinks the glass is almost empty. So you drink all the beer in the glass because it is such a “small amount”. Then you refill the glass from the bottle. Even though the amount in the glass could be 3 ounces. Break that down you have 4 pours per 12 ounce bottle of beer. As you can see there is a high potential to drink an entire beer in just 4-5 “sips”. If it sounds a little like a set up … it is.
You will also consume beer faster from a smaller glass. It is human nature to take a sip each time you add beer to the smaller glass. Creating basically a constant flow of drink. Once discovered the size of a beer glass changed size and shape.

While this may sound untrue I encourage you to try it. Get a beverage, doesn’t have to be beer, and pour it into a smaller glass than normal. See if you can find about a 6 ounce glass and test this for yourself.

Social Media and Static Positioning

Another negative with social media is static positioning. Static positioning is when your body is in the same position for extended periods of time. The human body is meant to move almost constantly when not in a sleep cycle. That means if you are awake you should be moving. Previously the personal computer was pretty bad but now with most computer use being through a phone it’s worse.

When using a phone to access social accounts the device is so small that it forces your body into a collapsed position. At this moment, in this small website, these are pioneering statements for the upcoming generations. Very soon you will see adults with humpbacks, breathing issues from collapsed posture, severe headaches….I could go on and on. Mainly focus on the fact that we really don’t know what adverse effects we will see from generational social media use. As of now kids being raised with tablets to keep them occupied. Seeing the true effects of generations of social media is still about 10-15 years away. Stay Tuned!

Now static positioning has been brought to your attention. Call it sitting in one place for too long. Commonly it will be when you are charging your phone that static positioning will be at its worst. Be sure to have a long charging cord and not stay too hunched over for an hour. More importantly, share the information you learned here. 🙂

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