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Who Am I To Tell You About Low Back Pain?

Who am I to tell you about low back pain? In the first place, I am a former low back pain sufferer. Consequently my pain lead me to become a certified clinical massage therapist and a certified ergonomics expert. Let me elaborate on my job history to give you an idea.

Manual Labor

My working career started with manual labor. Warehouses and docks of all kinds, from tractor trailers to furniture. As a result my back pain progressively increased. At the age of 23 my low back pain boiled over. Days after being hired I experienced a complete lock up of my low back. Bent at a 90 degree angle I made my way to the floor, laying on my side. Shortly after my boss walked by and, quite upset, asked what I was doing laying on the floor. I explained that I was unable to move and this position was all I was physically capable of doing at the moment.

The Road To Recovery

Of course my boss was upset but luckily the job I was hired for was at an ergonomic furniture retailer. Ultimately it was the best place for me to start my road to recovery from low back pain. When I explained to my boss what was going on in detail she understood and encouraged me to use the products to stop my low back pain from crippling me again. In fact, being kind hearted people, they gave me a Tempur-pedic mattress to sleep on. As a consequence my back pain decreased dramatically. During my time with the retailer I educated myself on ergonomics and posture. I grew in ways I had never thought possible, ultimately becoming an ergonomics expert.

The Move To Massage

Spending years with the ergonomic retailer I began to learn of the benefits of massage for low back pain. Finally after reading so much about massage I went to get one. Let me tell you it was amazing! Time passed until one day reading the paper before work I saw an advertisement for a massage therapy school. Incidentally my ever encouraging bosses allowed me time off to apply and altered my work schedule to allow me to take the classes. 1 year later I gave the retailer a 30 day notice, announcing I was making the move to massage therapy.

A Top Clinical Therapist

Ironically the massage school I attended was top ranking in the United States for education. I literally fell into the best school in the country. As a result I gravitated to the clinical side of massage eventually becoming a top clinical massage therapist in my area. Owning a small clinic I worked with hundreds of clients helping them eliminate pain of all kinds. Knowing that so many people have been helped throughout practicing years I decided I can help even more people.

Office Worker Call Center

Talk about a swing on the career spectrum! I worked for a hosting company taking calls from all over the world. It was an amazing experience that really grew me as a person. However, the hosting company is where I learned about low quality seating and how it absolutely will create low back and neck pain.
Strangely enough at this desk job is where I also got a hernia. To all the people who told me in my teens desk jobs were safer were better for my body than construction …

Commercial Plumber

Yet another swing, but I chose to get back to using my body. The plumbing field will did amazing things to revive my back pain. From lifting heavy tool bags and equipment to bending in awkward positions; plumbing had a special place in its heart for my back. Truthfully though, being a plumber was much better for my physical well being than working at a desk every was. Most importantly though the massage therapy education is what kept me out of daily pain. That is what I’m sharing in these web pages.

Sharing My Education

My goal now is to begin sharing my education and experience with the masses through this website. Incorporating self care exercises, muscle reprogramming and ergonomic products will assist people to stop low back pain on their own. I invite you to use this site to educate yourself about your low back pain and take back the mobility that you once had. Just like I did!

Who Am I To Tell You About Low Back Pain?

In conclusion you now know who am I to tell you about low back pain. I have shown that I have worked in many different fields and had many different pain patterns because of work. Team up my job related pain with a first-class physical anatomy education and you end up with You know my education history and how hundreds of people have benefited from the knowledge I’ve shared. I’m happy you are here. Now it’s up to you to share the benefits you receive with your friends and family.

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