Dehydration Causes Low Back Pain

Drinking Water Helps Stop Low Back Pain

Not Drinking Enough Water

You may think that this is an absolutely stupid suggestion to eliminate low back pain but it is actually a huge contributing factor. Surprisingly the discs in between your vertebrae are 70-80% water. If you don’t drink enough water the discs become dry and less flexible.
Over the years I have had many clients tell me that they stay hydrated by drinking “fluids”. Let’s look at the top two “fluids” Americans drink.


Coffee is not an acceptable means of hydration. Actually, coffee is what is called a “Diuretic”. A Diuretic in explained simply is something that offsets the hydration balance in your body. The reaction is such as your body is incapable of maintaining proper hydration thus is retains water abnormally. Abnormal water retention as mentioned means that your body refuses to distribute water correctly. Think of it as your body refusing water during a drought.

~Soda Pop

Soda pop is truly horrible for you on so many levels. I’d like to share a secret with you that I learned from a Soda Pop manufacture. Every 6 months the aluminum lines that carry the soda have to be replaced. Not for sanitary reasons either. The soda lines must be replaced because the soda that flows trough the lines corrodes them so badly that aluminum flakes will begin to contaminate the soda.
Think about that. Soda eats aluminum. And it doesn’t matter if it is clear or brown. Orange or green. All soda eats away at the lines.
In terms of low back pain and hydration, the spikes in sugar create similar effects to coffee. Causing your body to “freak out” and not distribute water properly.

~Water Substitutes

The truth is there is no substitute for water. Not tea, Not sparkling water, Not flavored water. Think of it like this. As soon as you put anything, and I mean anything, into your water it is no longer water. This includes the new fad of water flavorings you’ll see. All of them have adverse effects when it comes to the body. So just drink water.

FIJI Water Among The Best

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