Sitting On One Leg Causes Low Back Pain

Sitting On One Leg

Sitting on one leg is another very common cause of low back pain. Especially in women. Folding a leg between your thigh and the chair seat also causes the same pelvic deviation as mentioned above. At first you may think sitting this way is more comfortable for you. However with the increased number of hours people are sitting at the computer the deviation created is very dangerous. Even if you switch between the left and the right leg.
The compression you are putting on your discs is multiplied far beyond normal. Then you “Switch” and amplify the compression to the opposite side. When you sit at the computer be sure to keep your feet flat on the floor. Better yet take a look at a footrest. There are multiple designs to choose from. I would recommend one that moves easily so you will be inclined too more your legs throughout your workday.

Adjustable Under Desk Footrests

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