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Sitting On A Wallet Causes Back Pain

Sitting On A Wallet

Sitting on a wallet is a sure fire way to exacerbate low pack pain. Moreover is the wallet is jam packed with 3 inches of useless paper. There is absolutely no good reason to have a wallet that is inches thick. With mobile devices being what they are today anything you have stored in your wallet can be entered into your mobile device.
A thick wallet causes low back pain because the wallet pushes up on your hips unevenly. An uneven pelvis is called a Pelvic Deviation. Pelvic Deviation causes the lower lumbar vertebrae to be off center either left or right. The deviation causes low back pain because it will cause the soft fluid discs to become impinged. The impingement is what causes the pain because the nerves from your spinal cord exit between the vertebrae and the disc. Nerve impingement = pain. It’s just that simple.

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