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Correct Lateral Rotation Feet Facing Forward

How To Correct Lateral Rotation

Lateral Or Outward Leg Rotation

Lateral leg rotation is point often overlooked. Standing still, look down at your feet. Do they point straight ahead or out to the side? In truth chances are if you are trying to stop low back pain your feet will point outward. Similar to a dancer in first position. When your feet point outward or have a lateral rotation your pelvis naturally will fall forward causing low back pain. This is called Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Similar to a Pelvic Deviation except
Anterior Pelvic Tilt is when your pelvis tilts forward rather than to the left or right.

Although it may be tough to understand the relationship between walking and low back pain undoubtedly there is. Correspondingly the products below will assist you in correcting lateral rotation. Basically you are going need floor guides to help you along. Provided that you practice the exercises diligently you will see results.

Use Tape On The Floor As A Reference.

How To Correct Lateral Rotation

It is a must that you correct lateral rotation if you want to stop low back pain. I have heard over and over “that’s just how I stand and walk”. This is false. You learned bad posture and if your mindset is “this is how it is” then chances are you will never stop low back pain. Now.

~Standing And Correcting

Standing still rotate your feet inward so they point straight in front of you. Stand in this position for 5-10 minutes. Do not allow your feet to rotate outward. Instead focus on your pelvis, attempting to tilt or rotate your pelvis backward. Relax into this position. You may feel funny at first but keep doing it. You are correcting years of bad posture that contributed to your low back pain. If your goal is to stop low back pain you must correct your posture. Practice this a minimum of 5-6 times per day if you sit for the majority of the day. If you work a job where you stand, you should focus on Standing and Correcting all the time. Feet Forward needs to become a new habit.

~Walking And Correcting

Once you have a feeling for Standing and Correcting it is time to start Walking and Correcting. At this point I strongly recommend you invest in orthotics. There are low cost orthotics available that will help correct your posture from the ground up.
From the Standing and Correcting position, feet pointed straight forward, take one step forward. Now that you have taken one step look down at your feet and make sure they are still pointing forward. Correct them to point straight if needed then take another step. Look down again and correct your feet if needed. Take another step. Correct. Take another step … and so on.

As you take each step focus on the way it feels to use your legs and feet to walk. What may feel uncomfortable to you is the body re-learning how to walk correctly. Continue to take one step at a time until your feet are still pointing forward after your step.

~What Exactly Do These Exercises Do?

Ultimately what “Standing And Correcting” and “Walking And Correcting” do is re-program your muscles to walk correctly. In the end, you are training your hip joint to move in a correct path while walking. By correcting the hip joint lateral rotation your pelvis will automatically balance itself. Re-programming your muscles may take time. Be patient with yourself and keep at it. Lateral Rotation is one a major factor in low back pain because of the Anterior Pelvic Tilt Lateral Rotation causes.

Powerstep Insoles Orthotic Product Line

PowerStep Arch Support Insoles Relieve Back Pain

One of the products I always tell people about are PowerStep Insoles because PowerStep Arch Support Insoles relieve back pain. PowerSteps are brand name universal orthotics. Simply pop them into any shoe or boot and you have added correct arch support promoting proper posture. I have been using PowerStep Insoles for over 14 years and the benefits are tremendous!

How PowerStep Insoles Promote Proper Posture

If this is the first time you have heard of orthotics you may be wondering how PowerStep Insoles promote proper posture. Arch support is the short answer … but let me explain.
When the arch of your foot is properly supported incidentally that support will transfer up your body. Consequently reducing or eliminating knee pain, low back pain and even neck pain. But how? The arch of your foot is the starting point for good standing posture. As a result shoes lacking proper arch support cause the soles of your feet to flatten out over time leading to all types of pain. Hence in shoe orthotics. By supporting the arch of your foot correctly the bones in your lower legs will come back into balance. Likewise your thigh bones and pelvis will realign. At the pelvis is where low back pain reduction will take place. Positive posture will continue up your spine and your neck as well.

Actually I wanted to include a definition of Orthotic as it pertains to insoles but there seems to be room for debate. And for good reason. Take a look at this article from Podiatry Arena discussing the definition of “Orthotic”.

PowerStep Insoles Low Cost Low Back Pain Relief
PowerStep Insoles are low cost universal alternative to orthotics. Say YES to this low cost low back pain relief product!

What To Expect During Posture Correction

When you are going through steps to correct your posture there may be new discomforts. I want you to know what to expect during posture correction stages. When you first start using PowerStep Insoles you will feel some discomfort in the arches of your feet. This is normal. What is happening is the tendons in the soles of your feet are returning to their natural position. Subsequently this correction discomfort will last for about a week. During this time you may want to take them out for a time. That is okay but be sure to go through the process and keep them in as long as possible. As a rule try to keep them in for 60-80% of your day.

Off And Running

Once the week is up you will notice that any discomfort you felt in your arches is gone. Presumably you may also notice reductions in knee and back pain as well. At this stage you should have your PowerStep Insoles in all day long. If you change shoes make sure you put the PowerStep Insoles in the shoes you are wearing. Do not assume that you’ll be okay without them for a short time. You will find that you have grown to need the correct support and you’ll wonder how you ever lived with so much pain for so long.

PowerStep Insole Variations.

PowerStep Insoles offer a few variations to suit your needs. There are Full Length, 3/4 length, soft arch, Women’s full length and Women’s 3/4 length. Ultimately it is personal preference which you choose however I generally recommend the 3/4 length option. Especially if you have wide feet. The full length PowerStep Insoles work best if you have extra room at the toe portion of your shoes and boots. I have had clients purchase full length for their shoes with extra room and 3/4 length for dress shoes with narrow toes. In my case I go between gym shoes, work boots and dress shoes so the 3/4 length suit me best. I have two pairs of 3/4 length PowerStep Insoles. For best sanitation practices switch one pair into the footwear of the day and allow the other pair to air out for 24 hours. You can sprinkle a bit of baking soda on them to reduce odor causing bacteria stinking up your shoe inserts.

Click On Any Link And You Will Be Taken To Amazon To Select Your Size.

All Sizes Are Available.

PowerStep Original Inserts

Originals are full length insoles with neutral arch support and standard padding.

PowerStep Wide Width Inserts

Wide width insert supports with the PowerStep neutral arch. Trimmable to fit your width perfectly.
PowerStep Neutral Arch Support Inserts

Camouflage color high-impact arch support insoles for hiking and outdoors.

Powerstep 3/4 Length Heel and Arch Support

My personal favorites. I have wide feet so the three-quarter length allows my 2E wide foot to fit in more boots and shoes.

Powerstep Arch Supports Insoles with Memory Foam

Experience walking on a cloud. Get arch support with memory foam to cradle your heels and toes.

Powerstep Men’s Arch Support Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals

At the beach or the bazaar keep every step balanced and pain free. Neutral arch support Men’s sandals.

Powerstep Women’s Slenderfit Fashion Neutral Arch Support

Feminine designed SlenderFit neutral arch supports are designed specifically for thin women’s shoes like flats or mary jane’s.

Powerstep Low Profile Running Shoe Neutral Arch Support

Ultra thin design and extra shock-absorbing padding for runners. Available in 3/4 and full length supports.

PowerStep Women’s Arch Support Thongs

Unmatched arch support from a sidewalk and sand thong sandal. Deep heel cradle; available in 5 colors.

Looking for “Orthotics Near Me” and haven’t tried PowerStep brand arch support inserts? You owe it to yourself to give them a try!

Shoes Without Arch Support

Good posture starts at your feet and goes up. Shoes without arch support cause knee and low back pain. Generally low quality shoes with have little to no arch support. Additionally, an unsupported foot arch will transfer posture distortion all the way to your neck. As a matter of fact sandals are the notorious for having no arch support. If you choose to wear sandals I recommend Keen or Teva because they have better arch support than other brands. When you wear shoes you should use orthotic inserts. You don’t need to spend a fortune on custom made orthotics. Universal orthotics such as PowerStep are very affordable and will make an incredible difference in your posture.

PowerStep Brand Inserts Are The Best On The Market.

My Personal Review Of PowerStep Insoles

Finally my personal review of PowerStep Insoles. After well over 14 years of daily use I can say that PowerStep Insoles are incredibly durable. I have used PowerStep arch support shoe inserts while running, hiking, working on cars, doing construction projects, attending weddings and dancing all night. They truly have been a lifesaver for my knee and low back pain. PowerStep now offers Sandals which is something I have been waiting for. Keen brand sandals have worked really well for me over the years. Keen’s have a similar arch support to PowerStep Insoles and are also durable, American Made, quality. If you have a desire to stop low back pain and knee pain PowerStep Insoles are the best way to correct your posture from the ground up.