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LifeForm Ergonomic Office Chair Review Testimonial

Cheap Office Chairs Cost More

Wondering why I say cheap office chairs cost more? In this article I will answer that question and a few others. Above all, this is an article you want to send to the HR department of every major corporation in America.

Cheap Office Chairs

Cheap office chairs are HUGE! As a rule your office chair needs to have a 100% stable seat. If you feel the seat tilt left or right while you are sitting in it, the chair is cheap. Invest in an office chair with quality construction. Cost is a factor when you buy a quality office chair. Quality chairs will outlast cheap $200 office chairs which makes quality office chairs less expensive. I have had my office chair for over 17 years!. At this point my office chair has cost me less than $100 per year.

~The Damage Cheap Office Chairs Do

The damage cheap office chairs do is immense. Having an office chair that has a weak seat that leans left and right when you move forces your low back to tighten to keep you stable. In short, your back is compensating for the cheap chair. When your back muscles are trying to hold you up on an unstable surface the muscles over contract which compresses your intervertebral discs. Low back compression leads to pain every time.

~Why Do Corporations Buy Low Quality Chairs?

A question I have always pondered is why corporations buy low quality office chairs for their employees. In fact, I worked for a company that took away good quality chairs and replaced them with poor quality chairs. Consequently the complaints around the office of pain skyrocketed. Rather than taking away the cheap chairs they put more in. Many employees began missing work to make appointments to see practitioners to reduce their pain. The domino effect caused by cheap office chairs costs corporations more money in insurance and employees missing work than if they provided proper seating. Seems counter productive.

I Have Had My LifeForm Office Chair For 17 Years!

LifeForm Task Office Chair
LifeForm Task Office Chairs are entry level ergonomic comfort.
LifeForm Management Office Chair
LifeForm Management Office Chairs features a contoured memory foam seat.
LifeForm Executive Office Chair
LifeForm Executive Office Chairs feature 100% customizable comfort.

Think About How Long You Sit

Take a moment and calculate how many hours a day you sit at your desk. The average work day, presumably, is 8 hours. However we all know that is not really true. In fact ask just about any office worker and they will tell you their work day is closer to 10 hours. Still, lets take the “Average” of 7 hours per day. An 8 hour work day minus a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

7 hours per day x 5 days per week = 35 hours per week

Simple math. Next, lets take that out over a year.

35 hours per week x 52 weeks per year = 1,820 hours per year

Therefore you spend 1,820 hours per year sitting in your chair at work. Of course, keep in mind we did not factor in one single minute of overtime. In fact, more than 1/3rd of your day is spent sitting. For this reason you must invest in a good quality office chair. Even from a mindset of comfort. Besides, like I said, cheap office chairs cost more.

My Experience With Ergonomic Office Chairs

LifeForm Ultimate Executive Custom Ergonomic Office Chair
LIFEFORM can custom make ergonomic office chairs that will last a lifetime. Shown here is Premium Leather in Burgundy and Navy Blue with Yellow piping.

Presumably you are reading this because you are looking for an office chair that is “Ergonomic”. Another reason may be an office chair to stop low back pain. Since this website is all about sharing my expert knowledge and experience, allow me to share. Regrettably my experience with ergonomic office chairs has not always been great. By and large you will find that companies slap the label “Ergonomic” on a cheap office chair, misleading the buyer. Don’t fall for this trap. Here a some ways to tell if an office chair is truly ergonomic.

1.) The seat needs to made of wood not plastic.
2.) When you lean left or right the seat should not flex.
3.) There should be an adjustment for the lumbar support.
4.) The arms should adjust up and down at minimum, preferably they should swivel also.
5.) Look for contours that fit your body.
6.) Check for quality padding, preferably memory foam.
7.) The chair should come with a long warranty period.

“There is no greater feeling in the world than when a disabled person calls to tell you how their custom made chair has changed their life”

Cheap Office Chairs Cost More

Next lets dive into the meat and potatoes of this article. How cheap office chairs cost more. Not only to you, the user, but to your employer as well. Spending 1,820 hours in a chair is a heck of a long time. Consequently if you are sitting in a cheap office chair your body will be forced to compensate. Compensation occurs when the body does not feel stable on a surface. For example, think of how you feel when looking out the window of a tall building or crossing a bridge that you can see through. In these examples you get a visual indicator which cues your body to tense up to support itself. This is not the case with a cheap office chair, you don’t get the visual indicator. Thus, for many people, the body compensates and they do not realize it until compensation leads to pain.

Example Cheap Office Chairs Cost More
Here is an example of an office chair that claims to be Ergonomic. The truth is this poor quality office chair will cost more in medical fees. I know first hand! Run from this junk! Cheap Office Chairs Cost More!

Pain From Compensation

When I say compensation I am referring to the core muscles in your legs, hips, low/upper back, abdomen and neck. Pretty much your entire body is tensing to keep you steady on an unstable surface. Pain from compensation for improper seating is the leading cause of back and neck pain among corporate employees. I realize that is a bold statement. However, I’m not afraid to say it it layman’s terms either. The cheap chair the company provided you with is physically hurting you. Ironically, if you are in so much pain that you can’t work the Human Resource department might get you an “Ergonomic” chair. 🙂 Please refer to the statement above about poorly designed “Ergonomic” chairs.

The Pain Cycle

In the medical world there is something called “The Pain Cycle”. The Pain Cycle starts when you experience pain and go to see a medical practitioner for treatment. The practitioner helps you along, you take some time for recovery, and you feel better. Then you go back to the activity that caused the pain in the first place. This is The Pain Cycle. For example, the office worker.

An Example Of The Pain Cycle

For this example lets call The Office Worker Sally. Sally accepts this ongoing pain and decides it’s time to see her Doctor. She makes an appointment however Sally will have to take time off of work to go. The Doctor recommends Chiropractic care. Sally finds a Chiropractor and begins weekly treatment. The drawback is that each Chiropractic visit requires more time off from work. After weeks of sessions Sally’s pain is getting worse. So bad in fact that she takes medical leave from work for 4 weeks by recommendation of her Doctor. Incidentally Sally gets better and finally returns to work. Weeks pass and ironically Sally is feeling her pain again. This is a realistic example of The Pain Cycle.

Cheap Office Chairs Cost More … Here’s The Numbers

Once you start experiencing pain you start to see a Chiropractor, your Doctor, maybe a Physical Therapist because your insurance covers those practitioners. I invite you to dig into what those visits actually cost. Add up how much they bill the insurance and how much you pay in a co-pay. Don’t forget any prescriptions or devices these practitioners recommend. Next, factor in the days that you are not at work because of pain. What do you loose and what does your employer loose?
Next, take a look at the price of the LifeForm Office Chair. The cost of my chair was $1500.00USD, however I have had it for 17 years. In comparison to the cost of medical care I would say a LifeForm ergonomic office chair is pretty cheap, wouldn’t you? In any case you now know, in numbers, that cheap office chairs cost more.

Hands On Experience With LifeForm

LifeForm, like Teeter, was incredible to work with. In my time with the retailer I collaborated with LifeForm on many custom built chairs for people with uniques types of back pain and disfunction. Having hands on experience with LifeForm I can attest to the ethics of the team. In fact, I have worked with just about everyone there. From the receptionist to the production department. Actually it was an honor to work with a manufacture that really cared for the customer. There is no greater feeling in the world than when a disabled person calls to tell you how their custom made chair has changed their life. Together with LifeForm I was able to truly help people by creating seating that allowed them to work again.

Three Ergonomic LifeForm Office Chair Styles

Considering a LifeForm office chair is the best thing you can do to stop low back pain. Even a base model chair will help alleviate your back and neck discomfort. All LifeForm office chairs feature a contoured seat, adjustable swivel armrests and a wider caster base for increased stability. Purchase a LifeForm office chair today and experience true working comfort tomorrow.

LifeForm Basic Ergonomic Office Chair
The LifeForm Task Chair is the base model in high quality ergonomic office furniture.


This is the base model office chair from LifeForm. At minimum this is what ALL corporations should be supplying their employees with.

Task Chair Features:

      Ratcheting Adjustable Back Support
      Swivel Memory Foam Armrests
      Contoured Seat
      Back Tilt Lock
      Seat Forward Tilt
      25″ Caster Base

LifeForm 8694 Management Grand Office Chair With Adjustable Lumbar
LifeForm Management Grand Office Chair steps up features with an adjustable lumbar support and a memory foam contoured seat.

LIFEFORM Management Grand Chair

This is the chair that I have had for over 16 years now. Mine has an UltraSuede fabric upgrade and a headrest but all of the functions are the same as you see here. This chair has saved me literally thousands of dollars in medical care. The Management Grand is the chair you want to have for your home office. Moreover, ideally all major corporations should make this chair the standard for employee seating.
Management Grand Features:

    Adjustable Lumbar Support
    Contoured Memory Foam Seat
    Ratcheting Adjustable Back Height
    Swivel Memory Foam Armrests
    Back Tilt Lock
    Seat Forward Tilt
    25″ Caster Base

LifeForm Executive MidBack Custom Ergonomic Office Chair With Sacrum Cut Out
All LifeForm Office Chairs are 100% customizable. Shown here is a Mid Back Executive chair with Sacral Cut Out and Premium Leather Navy Blue and White upgrade.


The Executive Mid Back by LifeForm is an amazing feat of office chair engineering. When you sit in the Executive Mid Back you will feel support like you never have before. The seat and back literally cradle your body and the memory foam gives you firm, yet forgiving, support. Adding the optional headrest makes the Executive Mid Back the best ergonomic office chair on the market in my opinion.

Executive Mid Back Features:

      Adjustable Lumbar Support
      Ratcheting Adjustable Back Height
      Contoured Memory Foam Back
      Contoured Memory Foam Seat
      Swivel Memory Foam Armrests
      Back Tilt Lock
      Seat Forward Tilt
      25″ Caster Base
Inversion For Alignment And Decompression

Inversion For Alignment And Decompression

First and foremost I want you to know my bias to inversion for alignment and decompression of joints. When you actually think about it inversion makes sense for many reasons. Most notable is undoing the effects of gravity. Second, inversion is an all natural solution to low back pain. No pills, herbs, needles or appointments. Third, you only need a few minutes each day to strap yourself in. Ironically the results are almost instantaneous.

Using Inversion For Alignment And Decompression

My first experience with an inversion table was at the ergonomic furniture retailer. The day my boss found me laying on the ground she recommended I use the inversion table daily. As a result of daily use I became more flexible and pain free. Thus using inversion for alignment and decompression of my spine was no doubt a fast track to recovery from my incident. Compared to what I had tried before, the inversion table was a piece of cake.

Enjoying Low Back Pain Free Life
Inversion Therapy can help you get back to doing the things you love … without the low back pain.

How Inversion Works

Explaining how inversion works is simple. In short you strap your feet in and hang yourself upside down. Gravity does the rest. Inversion tables will allow adjustments that control how far you will invert. Be sure to read the instructions otherwise you may find yourself fully inverted … or worse! As a rule start with the least amount of inversion. Additionally, always use the safety strap. The setting should take you just past horizontal. Get comfortable there and make adjustments as needed. Inversion for alignment and decompression needs to be a gradual process. In other words don’t skip any steps.

Not All Inversion Tables Are Created Equal

Experience taught me not all inversion tables are created equal. For example, the quality of the metal. If the inversion table uses thicker, stronger materials you will feel more supported. Thus your inversion sessions will be more beneficial. On the other hand if you buy a cheap, lower quality inversion table you will feel shaky and be fearful of falling on your head. Consequently if you do not relax while on the inversion table you will not get the full benefit. Overall it comes down to engineering and the best in the business is Teeter Brand Hang-Ups Inversion Tables. Period.

Why Teeter Makes The Best Inversion Tables

Working with the Teeter company first hand I learned why Teeter makes the best inversion tables. Roger Teeter was facing back surgery. Of course he wanted to avoid going under the knife at all costs. Thus Roger used his education and designed his own inversion table. In the end Roger avoided surgery and put his inversion table design into production. As a company Teeter was always a dream to work with. Quality control of the Hang Ups inversion tables was impeccable. Not once did I open a box and find damaged or missing parts. That goes to show that Teeter really cares about their customers health and safety. After all, you are hanging yourself upside down.

What Happens During Inversion

What happens during inversion is your muscles and joints are allowed to return to a stress free state. Using the force of gravity to do the work, you only need to relax. Compared to Clinical Massage where force must be applied, inversion is the complete opposite, meaning force is actually removed. While you are in an inverted state and relaxing you will literally feel every joint in your body open up. You will feel space being created in between all of your vertebrae. Mild stretching will occur through your legs and back muscles. In short, you will feel fantastic!

What Model I Recommend

Teeter Hang Ups has a few models to choose from thus I wanted to guide you to the best. Let you know what model I recommend. Difference in price is honestly minimal given the benefits that Hang Ups will provide. The main difference that sets the Teeter inversion tables apart is how you secure your ankles. Lower cost models like the EP-560 have a pin style ankle brace. Pin style braces are just as secure however you have to bend over to lock and unlock your ankles. Bending over with back pain is a problem, I’m sure you agree. Thus opt for either the Editors Pick Icon EP-970 LTD model or the Editors Pick Icon Contour L5 model. The Editors Pick Icon EP-970 LTD and the Editors Pick Icon Contour L5 have an extended ratchet ankle locking mechanism that makes getting in and out of the inversion table a snap.

Teeter Hang Ups Purchase And Warranty

1.) Use the chart below to select the model you prefer.
2.) Then click on the picture to be directed to Amazon to purchase.
3.) You will have the option to have “Expert Assembly” of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion table in your home.
4.) Teeter Hang Ups provides a Full 5 Year Warranty. Once purchased you can extend the warranty to 10 years.
5.) Click “Add To Cart” and Amazon will ship your inversion table

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Logo
Use this table to compare Contour L5, Contour L3 and EP-970 LTD Teeter inversion table models.
Editors Pick: Compare Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table
Editors Pick Icon Contour L5
Compare Teeter Contour L3 Inversion Table
Contour L3
Editors Pick: Compare Teeter EP-970LTD Inversion Table
Editors Pick Icon EP-970 LTD
FDA Cleared
Canada Health Approved
UL Certified
Yes Yes Yes
Extended Handle Ankle Lock System Deluxe Yes No
Ankle Comfort Excellent Excellent Excellent
Stretch Tools to Improve Decompression Yes Yes Yes
Precision Rotation With
Full Inversion Option
Plus 1-Touch
Rotation Adjustment
Yes Yes
Preset Rotation Control Deluxe Deluxe Yes
Ability To Customize Compatible,
Sold Separately
Included With
LTD Version Only
Included With
LTD Version Only
Folds For Storage Yes Yes Yes
User Settings 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs. 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs. 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs.
Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Logo
Use this table to compare EP-960 LTD, EP-560 Sport and EP-560 LTD Teeter inversion table models.
Compare Teeter EP-960LTD Inversion Table
EP-960 LTD
Compare Teeter EP-560 Sport Inversion Table
EP-560 Sport
Compare Teeter EP-560LTD Inversion Table
EP-560 LTD
FDA Cleared
Canada Health Approved
UL Certified
Yes Yes Yes
Extended Handle Ankle Lock System Yes No No
Ankle Comfort Excellent Superior Excellent
Stretch Tools to Improve Decompression Superior Excellent Yes
Precision Rotation With
Full Inversion Option
Yes Yes Yes
Preset Rotation Control Deluxe Yes Yes
Ability To Customize Included With
LTD Version Only
Included With
LTD Version Only
Included With
LTD Version Only
Folds For Storage Yes Yes Yes
User Settings 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs. 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs. 4’8″ – 6’6″, 300 Lbs.
Powerstep Insoles Orthotic Product Line

PowerStep Arch Support Insoles Relieve Back Pain

One of the products I always tell people about are PowerStep Insoles because PowerStep Arch Support Insoles relieve back pain. PowerSteps are brand name universal orthotics. Simply pop them into any shoe or boot and you have added correct arch support promoting proper posture. I have been using PowerStep Insoles for over 14 years and the benefits are tremendous!

How PowerStep Insoles Promote Proper Posture

If this is the first time you have heard of orthotics you may be wondering how PowerStep Insoles promote proper posture. Arch support is the short answer … but let me explain.
When the arch of your foot is properly supported incidentally that support will transfer up your body. Consequently reducing or eliminating knee pain, low back pain and even neck pain. But how? The arch of your foot is the starting point for good standing posture. As a result shoes lacking proper arch support cause the soles of your feet to flatten out over time leading to all types of pain. Hence in shoe orthotics. By supporting the arch of your foot correctly the bones in your lower legs will come back into balance. Likewise your thigh bones and pelvis will realign. At the pelvis is where low back pain reduction will take place. Positive posture will continue up your spine and your neck as well.

Actually I wanted to include a definition of Orthotic as it pertains to insoles but there seems to be room for debate. And for good reason. Take a look at this article from Podiatry Arena discussing the definition of “Orthotic”.

PowerStep Insoles Low Cost Low Back Pain Relief
PowerStep Insoles are low cost universal alternative to orthotics. Say YES to this low cost low back pain relief product!

What To Expect During Posture Correction

When you are going through steps to correct your posture there may be new discomforts. I want you to know what to expect during posture correction stages. When you first start using PowerStep Insoles you will feel some discomfort in the arches of your feet. This is normal. What is happening is the tendons in the soles of your feet are returning to their natural position. Subsequently this correction discomfort will last for about a week. During this time you may want to take them out for a time. That is okay but be sure to go through the process and keep them in as long as possible. As a rule try to keep them in for 60-80% of your day.

Off And Running

Once the week is up you will notice that any discomfort you felt in your arches is gone. Presumably you may also notice reductions in knee and back pain as well. At this stage you should have your PowerStep Insoles in all day long. If you change shoes make sure you put the PowerStep Insoles in the shoes you are wearing. Do not assume that you’ll be okay without them for a short time. You will find that you have grown to need the correct support and you’ll wonder how you ever lived with so much pain for so long.

PowerStep Insole Variations.

PowerStep Insoles offer a few variations to suit your needs. There are Full Length, 3/4 length, soft arch, Women’s full length and Women’s 3/4 length. Ultimately it is personal preference which you choose however I generally recommend the 3/4 length option. Especially if you have wide feet. The full length PowerStep Insoles work best if you have extra room at the toe portion of your shoes and boots. I have had clients purchase full length for their shoes with extra room and 3/4 length for dress shoes with narrow toes. In my case I go between gym shoes, work boots and dress shoes so the 3/4 length suit me best. I have two pairs of 3/4 length PowerStep Insoles. For best sanitation practices switch one pair into the footwear of the day and allow the other pair to air out for 24 hours. You can sprinkle a bit of baking soda on them to reduce odor causing bacteria stinking up your shoe inserts.

Click On Any Link And You Will Be Taken To Amazon To Select Your Size.

All Sizes Are Available.

PowerStep Original Inserts

Originals are full length insoles with neutral arch support and standard padding.

PowerStep Wide Width Inserts

Wide width insert supports with the PowerStep neutral arch. Trimmable to fit your width perfectly.
PowerStep Neutral Arch Support Inserts

Camouflage color high-impact arch support insoles for hiking and outdoors.

Powerstep 3/4 Length Heel and Arch Support

My personal favorites. I have wide feet so the three-quarter length allows my 2E wide foot to fit in more boots and shoes.

Powerstep Arch Supports Insoles with Memory Foam

Experience walking on a cloud. Get arch support with memory foam to cradle your heels and toes.

Powerstep Men’s Arch Support Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals

At the beach or the bazaar keep every step balanced and pain free. Neutral arch support Men’s sandals.

Powerstep Women’s Slenderfit Fashion Neutral Arch Support

Feminine designed SlenderFit neutral arch supports are designed specifically for thin women’s shoes like flats or mary jane’s.

Powerstep Low Profile Running Shoe Neutral Arch Support

Ultra thin design and extra shock-absorbing padding for runners. Available in 3/4 and full length supports.

PowerStep Women’s Arch Support Thongs

Unmatched arch support from a sidewalk and sand thong sandal. Deep heel cradle; available in 5 colors.

Looking for “Orthotics Near Me” and haven’t tried PowerStep brand arch support inserts? You owe it to yourself to give them a try!

Shoes Without Arch Support

Good posture starts at your feet and goes up. Shoes without arch support cause knee and low back pain. Generally low quality shoes with have little to no arch support. Additionally, an unsupported foot arch will transfer posture distortion all the way to your neck. As a matter of fact sandals are the notorious for having no arch support. If you choose to wear sandals I recommend Keen or Teva because they have better arch support than other brands. When you wear shoes you should use orthotic inserts. You don’t need to spend a fortune on custom made orthotics. Universal orthotics such as PowerStep are very affordable and will make an incredible difference in your posture.

PowerStep Brand Inserts Are The Best On The Market.

My Personal Review Of PowerStep Insoles

Finally my personal review of PowerStep Insoles. After well over 14 years of daily use I can say that PowerStep Insoles are incredibly durable. I have used PowerStep arch support shoe inserts while running, hiking, working on cars, doing construction projects, attending weddings and dancing all night. They truly have been a lifesaver for my knee and low back pain. PowerStep now offers Sandals which is something I have been waiting for. Keen brand sandals have worked really well for me over the years. Keen’s have a similar arch support to PowerStep Insoles and are also durable, American Made, quality. If you have a desire to stop low back pain and knee pain PowerStep Insoles are the best way to correct your posture from the ground up.